Janaky Lab @ University of Szeged

Electrolyzer test station

Together with our industrial partner, ThalesNano Energy, we designed and manufactured an electrolyzer test station for the thorough characterization of different electrochemical flow-cells, or catalyst layers in already benchmarked electrolyzer cells. The test station is already in use for studying water splitting (with high pressure H2 and O2 outlet) and CO2 reduction cells, but due to the flexibility and modularity of the setup, it is also possible to investigate other electrochemical reactions in flow-cells. The test station allows to control and monitor all the crucial parameters during the electrochemical measurements: gas inlet-outlet flow rate (10-5000 cm3/min) and pressure (0 – 130 bar); gas humidity and temperature; cell and electrolyte temperature; cell voltage or current density. The size of the cells is also variable from small (1-10 cm2) to relatively large (>300 cm2) active area. With a built in binary gas analyzer, gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer system, we can immediately and continuously analyze the composition of the outlet gas, hence the formed product(s). The safe operation of the test station is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring of the crucial system parameters (pressure, temperature, flow-rates), and by the included safety features (e.g. gas sensors).