Department of Physical Chemistry     and Materials Science
Thesis topics in the research groups
MTA-SZTE „Lendület” Biocolloids Research Group Preparation and characterization of enzyme mimicking nanoparticles (nanozymes). Interaction, transport and remediation of nanoplastics and perfluorinated (PFAS) substances. Solution properties of polymers used in enhanced oil recovery. Electrochemistry Research Group Electrosynthesis of oxide semiconductor nanostructures Organic/inorganic hybrid assemblies for solar energy conversion Photoelectrochemical methods for solar fuel generation Thermoelectric power generation using conducting polymer based composites Nonlinear Dynamics and Kinetics Group Particle image velocimetry in reactive systems Self-organization by flow-driven precipitation Convection-driven self-organization Modelling of convection in reactive systems Magnetohydrodynamics in reactive systems Colloids and Nanostructured Materials Research Group Computational Reaction Dynamics Research Group High-accuracy ab initio thermochemistry Development of ab initio analytical potential energy surfaces Development of novel methods for reaction dynamics computations Dynamics and mechanisms of SN2 reactions Dynamics of the F, O, Cl, Br, OH, etc. + methane (CH4, CHD3, etc.) reactions
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