Department of Physical Chemistry     and Materials Science
Welcome to the Website of the Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science!
The Departments of Physical Chemistry, Colloid Chemistry along with Solid State and Radiochemistry with long traditions were merged to create a competitive Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science in 2009. Currently 15 Faculty members, 1 member of the Hungarian Academy of Science and 2 Professor Emeritus provide a high-quality academic training environment for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Molecular Bionics, and Pharmacy. More than 40 scientists conduct research in various fields of modern Physical Chemistry and Materials Science ranging from electrochemistry, catalysis, colloid systems, nanostructure materials through complex nonlinear dynamics and reaction kinetics to theoretical chemistry. Five research groups have active national and international collaborations with universities and industrial companies summarized in the Research Groups" section. More details can be found at the websites of the various research groups. Possible topics to prepare a thesis in our department can also be read in the "Education" section. I invite you to explore our Website.          Ágota Tóth    Head of department Web designer: Balázs Endrődi       Email:
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