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Members of the group

Etelka TOMBACZ, DSc Professor, Head of the group E-mail:

Research interest

Interfacial equilibria and colloidal interactions in aqueous dispersions: - pH-dependent surface charging of oxides (Al2O3, TiO2, Fe2O3, Fe3O4, ZnO), clay minerals (montmorillonite, kaolinite, hectorite, imogolite), active carbon, graphite oxide, graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes nanoparticles, and dissociation of humic acids/polyelectrolytes (surface complexation modeling, thermodynamic analysis of surface protolytic reactions), surface accumulation and association of natural amphiphiles (e.g. humic and bile acids). - Surface modification of inorganic nanoparticles by adsorption of organic compounds, surface charge and particle charge modification, protective layer design, tuning colloidal stability (aggregation/dispersion) under desired conditions. - Particle-particle interactions in composite systems: homo- and heterocoagulation, coagulation kinetics, structure of aggregates and particle networks. - Water-based magnetic fluids for biomedical applications: design, characterization, physico-chemical testing, and theranostic possibilities (MRI diagnosis, magnetic drug delivery and hyperthermia) Expertise can be utilized in the field of water purification (classic and magnetic), tuning flow properties of composite aqueous dispersions (phosphor, oxide and clay suspensions, paints, sludge, casting slip), etc.

Teaching activity

Courses: Colloid chemistry, Environmental colloids, Aqueous colloidal systems, Soil Pollution, Rheology  (graduate); Interfacial equilibria and dispersion stability in aqueous systems, Soil Chemistry, Humic substances in environmental systems (Postgraduate)
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ET Aqueous Colloids

Research Group

HU-6720 Szeged Aradi Vt. tere 1. E-mail: tombacz@ Phone: +36-62/544212