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Techniques and available methods Materials synthesis: synthesis of nanoparticles: coprecipitation of Fe(II) and Fe(III) ions in alkaline medium, YIG (yttrium-iron oxide garnet) self-combustion of ruby jelly, Stöeber method, hydrothermal ageing, etc. Equipments for preparation: water purification system, mixers, heating baskets, thermal baths, supercentrifuge (Sorwall), driers, ovens, furnaces (up to 1300oC), freeze-drier, high energy ultrasonication and colloidal mill (vibrating agate mill), pH-meter, conductivity meter. Surface modification: design and implementation of organic shell on core for example magnetite nanoparticles by adsorption of surfactants, polyacids, natural and synthetised polyelectrolytes/polymers to stabilize and functionalize them for further functionalization (e.g. by anti-body) Characterization: of interfacial equilibria and colloidal interactions mainly pH and ionic strength dependent properties tuned by surface modifying agents pH-dependent charge state of particles and molecules (Potentiometric acid-base titration system) Particle size and size distribution, coagulatoin kinetics by dynamic light scattering (NanoZS and Zetasizer4)  Charge state of particles by laser Doppler electrophoresis (NanoZS) 2-D interactions in floating films by Langmuir-balance (MicroTroughXL) Flow properties of materials, flow curves, creep tests, oscillation measurements, etc. (RS150 rheometer) Magnetic measurements, particle separation by size using various magnetic field strengths (Hall-probe, Separator) UV-visible optical properties of materials (dioda array spectrophotometer) Magnetic hyperthermia simulation (Magnetherm) Advanced methods (XRD, TEM, SEM) for further characterization of nanoparticles are available at our University.
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