About Us

MASOST (MAterial and SOlution STructure Research Group) is a project-based research group, which builds upon the complimentary expertise of senior researchers from various departments within the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences. MASOST is active in the following research areas:

MASOST was initiated by Prof. István Pálinkó (Department of Organic Chemistry) and Prof. Pál Sipos (Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry) in 2009. Later on, A/Prof. Dr. Gábor Peintler and A/Prof. Dr. Ottó Berkesi (Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science) also joined the group. Currently, 10 PhD students (enrolled in the PhD School of Chemistry or the PhD School of Environmental Sciences) are being supervised or co-supervised in the Group and are employed on various projects of MASOST. The number of undergraduate students participating in various activities of MASOST (thesis work, diploma work, Young Researchers Association, etc.) is between 10 and 30. Several of them work with us on a voluntary, internally driven way and represent a high-quality supply for future PhD candidates of the Group.