Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry University of Szeged Faculty of Science and Informatics
Research Groups of the Department Trace Analysis Research Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Galbács Gábor)     Link Members   of   this   group   conduct   research   in   various   topics   associated   with   analytical   chemistry   since   the 1990s.   The   primary   profile   of   the   group   is   analytical   method   and   instrumentation   development.   It   has   two divisions. Of   the   divisions   is   working   in   the   field   of   laser   and   plasma   spectroscopy,   which   is   led   by   Prof   Dr.   Gábor Galbács.   Projects   in   this   area   are   aimed   at   fundamental   research   of   analytical   spectroscopy   with   laser   and/or plasma   sources,   instrumental   development   and   application,   with   special   attention   paid   to   ICP-AES,   ICP-MS, laser   ablation   (LA),   LIBS,   electrical   discharge   plasmas,   the   tools   of   diode   laser   based   atomic   spectroscopy,   as well   as   nanoparticle   characterization   and   optochemical   sensor/molecular   probe   development.   Members   of this   division   include   Dr.   Zoltán   Galbács,   several   associated   researchers,   three   PhD   students   and   a   laboratory technician. The     other     division     is     dealing     with     the     chromatographic     analysis     (GC-MS,     HPLC-MS)     and (photo)oxidative    removal    of    organic    contaminants    (e.g.    PCCP,    EDC)    and    their    primary    products    of decomposition,    as    well    as    environmental    analysis.    This    division,    which    incorporates    several    associated researchers and two PhD students, is led by Dr. Tünde Alapi.     Material and Solution Structure Research Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Pál Sipos) Link This   research   group   is   specifically   organized   in   a   project-oriented   way   and   is   operating   since   2009.   One of   its   leaders   is   Prof.   Dr.   Pál   Sipos.   The   group   is   active   in   the   following   areas   of   inorganic   chemistry: synthesis    and    investigation    of    double-layered    hydroxides;    equilibrium    chemistry    of    highly    concentrated (extremely   basic)   solutions   of   industrial   relevance   and   the   structural   characterization   of      compounds   formed therein;   synthesis,   study   and   application   of   biomimetic   transition   metal   complexes;      study   of   self-organizing chemical   systems.   Members   of   the   group   belong   to   different   departments   of   the   Chemistry   Institute   –   for example,   the   vice   head   of   the   group   is      Prof.   Dr.   István   Pálinkó   who   is   from   the   Department   of   Organic Chemistry.   Currently   three   PhD   students   and   more   than   one   predoctoral   fellows   of   our   Department   belong   to the group. Bioinorganic Chemistry Research Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Tamár Gajda) Link Biocoordination   chemistry   research   at   our   Department   was   initiated   by   Prof.   Dr.   Kálmán   Burger   in   1983, who   was   also   its   leader   until   1999.   He   was   followed   by   Prof.   Tamás   Kiss   (professor   emeritus)   until   2017.   At present,   Prof.   Dr.   Tamás   Gajda   is   the   head   of   the   group.   In   the   focus   of   their   research   is   the   study   of   the interaction   of   biologically   active   organic   compounds   with   metal   ions,   in   search   for   novel   compounds   with healing   effects   or   environmental   applications.   They   also   actively   take   part   in   the   research   of   metal   complexes with    anti-cancer    and    anti-diabetic    effect    and    metal-based    therapeutic    drugs    potentially    useful    in    the treatment    of    neuro-degenerative    illnesses.    They    also    have    significant    results    in    the    field    of    structural modelling   of   metal-containing   proteins   and   metallo-   enzymes   –   with   the   final   goal   of   developing   biomimetic catalyzers of efficiencies comparable to that of enzymes. This   is   the   largest   research   group   of   our   Department,   which   includes   –   apart   from   the   present   and former   head   of   the   group   –   four   faculty   members   (Dr.   Béla   Gyurcsik,   Dr.   Éva   Enyedy,   Dr.   Attila   Jancsó,   Dr. Tamás   Jakusch),   two   research   fellows   (Dr.   Orsolya   Dömötör,   Dr.   Attila   Szorcsik)   and   five   PhD   students   or pre-doctoral fellows.
University of Szeged, Faculty of Science and Informatics, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry H-6720 Szeged, Dóm tér 7. Tel.: (+36-)62-54-4340
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