Most recent papers
2013 Hyphenated in situ conductance and spectroelectrochemical studies of polyaniline films in strongly acidic  solutions   P. S. Tóth, G. F. Samu, B. Endrődi, C. Visy ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA  Volume: 110  Pages: 446–451  Tungsten-based oxide semiconductors for solar hydrogen generation   C. Janáky, K. Rajeshwar, N. R. de Tacconi, W. Chanmanee, M. Huda  CATALYSIS TODAY   Volume: 199  Pages: 53–64  Layer by Layer Growth of Electroactive Conducting Polymer/Magnetite Hybrid Assemblies  B. Endrődi, A. Bíró, C. Janaky, I. Y. Tóth, C. Visy SYNTHETIC METALS   Volume: 171 Pages: 62-68    Conducting polymer-based hybrid assemblies for electrochemical sensing: a materials science perspective  C. Janáky, C. Visy  ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY   Volume: 405 Pages: 3489-3511   Tailoring Copper Oxide Semiconductor Nanorod Arrays for Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to  Methanol K. Rajeshwar N. R. de Tacconi, G. Ghadimkhani, W. Chanmanee, C. Janáky  CHEMPHYSCHEM, közlésre elfogadva, DOI: DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201300080    Efficient solar photoelectrosynthesis of methanol from carbon dioxide using hybrid CuO–Cu2O semiconductor  nanorod arrays  G. Ghadimkhani, N. R. de Tacconi, W. Chanmanee, C. Janáky, K. Rajeshwar   CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Volume: 49, Pages: 1297-1299  On the Substantially Improved Photoelectrochemical Properties of Nanoporous WO3 Through Surface Decoration  with RuO2 C. Janáky, W. Chanmanee, K. Rajeshwar   ELECTROCATALYSIS, Volume: 4, Pages: 382-389  Fabrication of β-SiC quantum dots by photo-assisted electrochemical corrosion of bulk powders  M. Mwania, C. Janáky, K. Rajeshwar, P. Kroll   ELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, Volume: 37, Pages: 1-4  Photocatalytically Prepared Metal Nanocluster–Oxide Semiconductor–Carbon Nanocomposite Electrodes for  Driving Multielectron Transfer K. Rajeshwar, C. Janáky, W.-Y. Lin, D. A. Roberts,W. Wampler THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, Volume: 4, Pages: 3468-3478 
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