Welcome on the website of the Electrochemistry Research Group at the University of Szeged! Research on conducting polymers in Szeged started in the late 80’s, with the investigation  of the synthesis (both chemical and electrochemical) and redox properties of these organic  semiconductors. Our research group developed in situ combined techniques (UV-Vis  spectroelectrochemistry, electrochemical quartz crystal nanobalance, conductivity measurement)  to monitor ionic movements and evolution of the conducting state during redox transformations.   During the past decade our interest turned towards the preparation and characterization of  conducting polymer-based nanocomposite materials. These synthetic procedures involved not  only the incorporation of inorganic nanoparticles into the polymer matrix, but also the in situ  infiltration of polymers into preassembled inorganic semiconductor nanostructures, for instance  into titanium-dioxide nanotube arrays. Both chemical and electrochemical synthetic strategies  have been developed, to achieve fine tuning of the composition and structure of the hybrid  assemblies, and thus tailor the properties of the hybrid nanoarchitectures towards different  applications.  Hybrid materials possessing magnetic, photocatalytic, thermoelectric, and biocatalytic  properties have been synthesized so far. These composites show promising features in many  important areas of R&D, and their most significant utilization could be their application in green  energy generating devices. 
The most recent paper of the group:  Fixation of laccase enzyme into polypyrrole, assisted by chemical interaction with  modified magnetite nanoparticles: A facile route to synthesize stable electroactive  bionanocomposite catalysts B. Endrődi, A. Kormányos, C. Janáky, O. Berkesi, C. Visy ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA  Volume 122  Pages: 282–288    
University of Szeged Faculty of Science and Informatics Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science Electrochemical Research Group  Contacts:  6720 Szeged, Rerrich Béla tér 1.  Phone: +36 62/544-667 +36 62/544-111  Email: endrodib@gmail.com

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