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Paolo Zuccarini, Giulio Soldani
Camphor: benefits and risks of a widely used natural product
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):77-82 PDF

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Edit Horváth
Protoplast isolation from Solanum lycopersicum L. leaf tissues and their response to short-term NaCl treatment
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):83-86 PDF

Masoud Sheidai, Fatemeh Bahmani, Maryam Enayatkhani, Abbas Gholipour
Contribution to cytotaxonomy of Silene: chromosome pairing and unreduced pollen grain formation in sec. Sclerocalycinae
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):87-92 PDF

Katekan Dajanta, Ekachai Chukeatirote, Arunee Apichartsrangkoon, Richard A. Frazier
Enhanced aglycone production of fermented soybean products by Bacillus species
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):93-98 PDF

Szabolcs Takács, Sarolta Bankó, András Papp
Altered stimulus frequency and intensity dependence of the somatosensory evoked potential in rats after acute application of two mitochondrial toxins
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):99-103 PDF

Zoltán Pintér, Zsuzsanna Just, Ernesztina Vida, Zsanett Németh, György Pálfi
The correlation between parameters indicating obesity and certain environmental factors
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):105-110 PDF

György Pálfi and Erika Molnár
The Paleopathology of specific infectious diseases from Southeastern Hungary: a brief overview
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):111-116 PDF

Erika Molnár, Antónia Marcsik, Zsolt Bereczki, Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz, Michael Schultz, György Pálfi
Malignant tumors in osteoarchaeological samples from Hungary
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):117-124 PDF

Brigitta Ôsz, Krisztina Hajnal, Antónia Marcsik, Ottó Fogas, Ferenc Horváth, Péter Zádori, Kornél Kelemen, Csaba  Vandulek, Michael Schultz, László Márk, Erika Molnár, György Pálfi
Preliminary report on the paleopathological research of the skeletal material from the Szeged medieval castle excavation
Acta Biol Szeged 2009, 53(2):125-138 PDF