ET Aqueous Colloids Research Group
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Members of the group

Tamas SZABO, PhD Senior lecturer E-mail:

Research interest

- Synthesis and chemical structure of graphite oxide and graphene oxide - Colloidal (surface charging, peptization, aggregation) and intercalation properties of graphene based materials - Fabrication of functional (e.g. magnetically modified) graphene based nanocomposites - Layer-by-layer self-assembled nanostructures: ultrathin multilayered films from colloidal particles and macromolecules - Langmuir-Blodgett deposition of nanoparticulate and surfactant mono-and multilayers

Education experience

Present Courses: Colloid Chemistry (lecture), Physical Chemistry (lecture, partial contribution), Physical Chemistry  (laboratory practice), Interfaces and Nanostructures (lecture), General Chemistry (laboratory practice), General Chemistry (calculation practice), X-ray Diffractometry (laboratory practice), Environmental Chemistry and Technology (laboratory practice, partial contribution) Past Courses: Colloid Chemistry (laboratory practice), Polymers (laboratory practice), Methods of Structure Analysis (laboratory practice), Analytical Chemistry (@Univ. Geneva, laboratory practice)


ET Aqueous Colloids

Research Group

HU-6720 Szeged Aradi Vt. tere 1. E-mail: tombacz@ Phone: +36-62/544212
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