Aim of the seminar is to provide experience in the solution of fundamental physical chemical calculations in the following topics:

  • thermodynamics I-III law
  • pure substances
  • multicomponent systems
  • phase equilibria
  • reactive systems
  • reaction kinetics
  • surface processes

The seminar is one hour weekly, for successful work an average one-hour home preparation is necessary. Attendance is compulsory. Absent students must provide (medical) verification at the beginning of the following class.

Weekly, home work consisting of 2-3 problems will be assigned, which must be handed in at the beginning of the next class. At the beginning of the seminar the knowledge of fundamental formulae, equations may be checked with short written tests. During the semester, four tests, each consisting of 2 problems similar to home works, will be written in announced occasions. In case of verified absence, the test has to be written at occasion approved by the instructor. A no-show for a test results in fail (1) grade.

Requirements for successful completion:

  • attendance at the seminar (maximum two verified absences are allowed)
  • on time handing in of home works
  • two test results with pass or above
  • average of the three best tests above 2.00.

Based on the avarage of the three best test results the following grades are given:

  4,51-5,00    excellent  
  3,51-4,50    good  
  2,51-3,50    acceptable  
  2,01-2,50    pass  

The instructor can modify these grades by ±1 based on the returned home works, class work and the results of short test at the beginning of class.


  1. week: Mathematical formulae
  2. week: First law of thermodynamics
  3. week: Second law of thermodynamics
  4. week: Second law of thermodynamics
  5. week: Thermodynamics of pure substances
  6. week: Thermodynamics of multicomponent systems
  7. week: Thermodynamics of surfaces
  8. week: Colligative properties
  9. week: Thermodynamics of reactive systems
  10. week: Equilibrium electrochemistry
  11. week: Fundamental reaction kinetics
  12. week: Surface processes
  13. week: Reaction mechanisms


Dr. Gábor Schuszter

Monday 8:00-10:00 (Béke building, Room F13), or by appointment