Aim of the lecture is to introduce the foundations of physical chemistry to pharmacy students.

Recommended literature:

  • P.W. Atkins: Physical chemistry, Oxford, 2010
  • D.T. Haynie: Biological thermodynamics, Cambridge, 2001
  • R. Chang: Physical chemistry for the chemical and biological sciences, University Science Books, Sausalito, 2000

Attendance of lectures is compulsory.

Class material:

Handouts for the lecture can be downloaded from CooSpace in PDF format. These handouts can only ensure the proper preparation for the exam with class attendance.

Requirements for taking the exam:

Completion of the parallel physical chemistry calculations seminar (GYTKKAM132) is required.


Written exam will take place in the exam period at times announced in Neptun.

Content of exam:

basic concepts, explanations of figures, derivations, simple problems. A pen and a hand calculator are required, other tools are forbidden!

Final grade is given according to:

Results Grade
0-49% fail (1)
50-64% pass (2)
65-74% satisfactory (3)
75-84% good (4)
85-100% excellent (5)

A sample exam can be downloaded from CooSpace


Lecture time: Thursday 16:00-17:30
Lecture room: Lecture room I
Lecturer: Dr. Dezső Horváth

  • First law of thermodynamics.
  • Second and third law of thermodynamics.
  • Gibbs energy.
  • Thermodynamics of closed systems, chemical potential.
  • Thermodynamics of pure substances and liquid surface.
  • Thermodynamics of multicomponent systems.
  • Phase equilibria, surface excess.
  • Thermodynamics of electrolytes, colligative properties.
  • Thermodynamics of reactive systems.
  • Equilibrium electrochemistry.
  • Reaction kinetics.
  • Reaction mechanisms, enzyme catalysis.
  • Surface processes.
  • Molecular spectroscopy, photochemistry.
  • Transport processes.


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