University, Szeged

Nonlinear Optics

Code: F O01
Department: Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics
Course director: Károly Osvay, Gábor Szabó
Credits: 2
Semester: not fixed
Hours/week: 2+0
Prerequisities: Spectroscopy, Electrodynamics
Type of assessment: K or B

Course description:
Nonlinear optical susceptibilities. General description of wave propagation in nonlinear media. Frequency doubling and mixing. Optical parametric generation, amplification and oscillation. Characterisation of second order nonlinear optical materials. Nonlinear index of refraction. Optical properties of selected third order NLO materials. Nonlinear absorption. Experimental techniques in nonlinear absorption. Optical damage of materials. Problems of ultrabroadband (femtosecond) laser pulses. Measurement of ultrashort pulses by using nonlinear optics.

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