Physics Courses

Waves and Optics

Code: F202
Department: Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics
Course director: Károly Osvay, Zoltán Horváth
Credits: 7
Semester: 2nd
Hours/week: 4+2+1
Prerequisities:  Mechanics
Type of assessment: K, G

Course description:
Theory of oscillations: harmonic oscillation, composition and decomposition of oscillations; damped and forced oscillations, coupled oscillations. Concept of waves, the wave equation. Phase and group velocity. Reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction of mechanical waves. Dispersion. Sound waves: oscillations of strings, sticks, disks and columns of air. Characteristics of the sound field, features of sound propagation. Hearing, the structure of the ear. Concepts concerning hearing, damage of hearing. Ultrasonic sounds. Basic concepts of the theory of light, measuring the velocity of light. Laws of refraction and reflection. Index of refraction. Total reflection and its application in prisms and optical fibres. The Fermat principle and its application. The concept of the optical picture. Optical image production with spherical mirrors and via spherical and plane surface refraction. Thin and thick lenses, most common errors in image production. The eye and sight, correction of the optical errors of the eye. Important optical devices: photo-cameras, projectors, microscopes and telescopes. The phenomenon of dispersion, dispersion prisms. The concept of the spectrum, the prism-spectroscope. Interference, temporal and spatial coherence. Light diffraction. Fresnel- and Fraunhofer-type diffraction.. Optical gratings. Holography. Polarisation, double refraction and polarisation in crystals.

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