Guidelines for abstract preparation Those   involved   in   any   aspect   of   analytical   chemistry   and   environmental   problems   are   cordially   invited   to submit a conference paper describing their work. The   abstract   formatted   according   to   the   guidelines   below   have   to   be   sent   as   an   attached   file   via   e- mail   to: ,   not   later   than   27.   September   2024 .   Please   indicate   in   the   letter the type of presentation (poster or oral) you wish to choose. Only those who send the formatted abstract not later than 27. September will be registered. The   abstract   should   be   single   spaced   using   12-point   Times   New   Roman,   saved   in   MS   Word   format. Only   word   document   (doc(x)   file)   will   be   handled,   the   size   of   the   file   can   not   exceed   3   MByte.   The length   of   the   abstract   must   be   between   1-5   pages.   Both   one   page   abstract   and   conference   paper (maximum 5 pages) are accepted. Please    use    the    family    name    of    the    corresponding    author    and    the    type    of    presentation    for    the identification of the sent file.  (e.g.: Ilisz_poster.docx) Title:  Bald, position: centered. Capital letters for all words. Name(s)    of    author(s):    Bold,    position:    centered.    Given    name(s)    followed    by    surname.    Identify    the presenting   author   with   underlining,   and   multiple   addresses   by   numerals   in   superscripts.   Use   a   comma   for separating each author. Addresses   of   authors:    Italics,   position:   centered.   The   full   mailing   address   must   be   given.   Provide   the   e- mail address of the corresponding author. All   the   figures,   pictures   and   tables   should   be   pasted   into   the   text.   We   cannot   undertake   typing   or pasting extra diagrams and drawings. References Indicate references by number(s) in square brackets in line with the text. Where   applicable,   author(s)   name(s),   journal   title/book   title,   year   of   publication,   volume   number/book chapter and the pagination must be present. (Use consistent style.) Manuscript structure: In case of conference papers divide your text into clearly defined sections: Abstract/Introduction/Results and discussion/Conclusion/Acknowledgements/References Paper Size: A4: 210 x 297 mm Margins: top 3.0 cm bottom 2.5 cm left 2.5 cm right 2.5 cm header 1.5 cm footer 1.5 cm For more details see the Template file. (Placed under the “Downloads” menu.)
Last updated: 19/02/2024
University of Szeged
30th  International Symposium on Analytical and Environmental Problems
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