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Patent Number Title Inventors Priority Others
WO2002020402 Method for the production of functionalised short carbon nanotubes and functionalised short carbon nanotubes obtainable by said method Nathalie PIERARD, Antonio FONSECA, Zoltán KÓNYA, Narasimaiah NAGARAŰJU, Isabelle WILLEMS, Silvio TOLLIS, Geoffroy BISTER, János B.NAGY, Dorina POPA 2000-09-06  
WO2009081218 Apparatus for producing titanate nanostructures Imre Kiricsi, Zoltán KÓNYA, Ákos KUKOVECZ, Endre HORVÁTH 2007-12-21  
WO2009156775 Carbon nanocomposite additive and its use as adjuvant for polymer materials Géza HORVÁTH, Adrienn Szentes, Imre Kiricsi, Zoltán KÓNYA, Ákos KUKOVECZ, Endre HORVÁTH, László VANYOREK, Henrik Haspel, József SZÉL 2008-06-27  
WO2011073697 Method for producing antibacterial fabrics Sándor Csaba KISS, Imre Kiricsi, Zoltán KÓNYA, Zita Varga 2009-12-16  
WO2012052624 Photocatalytic material Ming-Chung WU, András SÁPI, Mika HUUHTANEN, Géza TÓTH, Ákos KUKOVECZ, Zoltán KÓNYA, Riitta KEISKI, Jyri-Pekka MIKKOLA, Krisztián KORDÁS, Imre KIRICSI 2010-10-21  
WO2014203014 Gel composition for cleaning pipelines and pipe-networks and the use thereof Zoltán KÓNYA, András SÁPI, Tamás ORMAY 2013-06-19  
WO2015033176 Removable covering paint scheme of layers arranged on a heat-sensitive carrier, thermal printer, and method for thermal printing such a carrier Gyula LÁNGOS, László JUHÁSZ, Péter JUHÁSZ, Péter KÓS, Zoltán KÓNYA, Ákos KUKOVECZ, Jánosné KOCSÁRDI 2013-09-03