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The Applied Chemistry Department has been founded in 1950 aiming at the teaching of "chemical technology" and related disciplines. After 52 years of existence major diversification can be observed in the teaching: besides the classical chemical technology, including unit operations and appliances as well, the Department became accredited in "zeolite catalysis" and "environmental protection technology" for graduate students. There is a significant increase in the number of facultative disciplines comprising from "microporous and mesoporous materials" in particular zeolites, "carbon nanotubes" in material science over "quantum chemistry" to selected topics in applied mathematics like "differential equations in chemistry".

From 2012 the history of the Department and the MTA-SZTE Reaction Kinetics and Surface Chemistry Research Group was linked up since Prof. Zoltán Kónya became the Head of the Research Group.

The MTA-SZTE "Lendület" Porous Nanocomposites Research group investigates fluid-solid interactions in nanoporous materials. Their application focus is on developing selective sensors based on the fundamental understanding of the physical chemistry of the interfaces.


Prof. Zoltán KÓNYA
Head of Department


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