A rewiev of Hungarian studies on growth and physique of children

Éva B. Bodzsár*

Department of Biological Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University, Buapest, Hungary

The purpose of this paper is to give a summary overview of the contributions that have dealt with the secular change in the growth pattern of Hungarian children and youth as observed during the past hundred years. We will note how some absolute body dimensions have changed, what modifications are discernible in the rate of growth, and comment on the effects these had on body shape. We also touch upon the inferences that have been arrived at in the study of body composition and somatotyping. Under the assumption that growth patterns depend on the environment an analysis follows that compares the growth data of the subpopulations living under diverse socio-economic conditions and it also attempts to outline the divergent trends in their physical development. The concluding section emphasizes the ways in which research results can be applied for practical purposes.

Acta Biol Szeged 44(1-4):139-153 (2000) PDF

Key Words: body measurements, body proportion, body composition, physique, socio-economic background, secular growth changes

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