Paleopathological research in Hungary

Antónia Marcsik1*, Ildikó Pap2

1Department of Anthropology, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary; 2Department of Anthropology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary

In Hungary, the study of pathological alterations on skeletal remains of various archaeological ages can be traced back to almost a century. The very first period is from the beginnings to the 1960s. In this phase, pathological characteristics and series were described from pathological aspects. Later, description was supported by analysing activities as well, then systematisation was performed and paleoepidemiological research started. From the 90s, studies became more and more interdisciplinary and this tendency has been going on up to this moment.

Acta Biol Szeged 44(1-4)103-108 (2000) PDF

Key Words: archaeological periods, bone remains, pathological alterations, paleopathology, description, analysis

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